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FAQs on Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is removable and invisible. Patients who are looking for a new option when it comes to teeth straightening, this is the most suitable for teens and adults. Whether it is spacing, underbite, overbite or teeth crowding, Invisalign offers comfort and convenience using transparent aligners that can barely be seen from the outside. Perhaps the […]

When Does Restorative Dentistry Fit In Your Needs?

Dental treatments are usually recommended every six months. It usually covers routine dental cleaning. However, the dentist makes recommendations on other possible treatments the patient may need based on the results of the thorough check-up that the patient just underwent. Restorative dentistry, although the sound of it can be very intimidating, is consist of the diagnosis, treatment, […]

Invisalign For A Confident Smile

People who suffer from teeth misalignment used to dread the idea of undergoing dental treatment. They fear that wearing braces might cause them extreme pain they couldn’t handle. In most situations, people opt for dental braces because they don’t know any other option. Having crooked teeth can be very unsightly. It could bring down one’s […]

Four Ways To Whiter Teeth

Every dental clinic in Edmonton offers teeth whitening treatments. In some shops that you have visited, you may have encountered teeth whitening products that promise to give you the white teeth that you have always wanted. Whether you have teeth whitening done at home or the dentist’s clinic, it is one of the best ways […]