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Smoking Makes You Older

A lot of people are striving to look a few years younger than their real age. Some enroll themselves in the gym hoping that when they lose weight, the years of their age will fade away too. And then there are those who only choose to eat healthy because being healthy means looking healthy and […]

How Often Should I See My Dentist?

How often do you see your dentist? You have been told that seeing your dentist twice a year would be a good way to start. Every dental visit will be different than the last. Although there is that routine dental cleaning that you should expect, some dentists discover something about your dental health condition that […]

When Do You See Your Dentist?

Are you guilty of missing out on your dental appointment? Perhaps it was work, or it was something about taking care of the family that made you miss your last dental visit. Indeed, professional and life balance can be a bit challenging to achieve. As they say, “something has got to give.” Sadly, in most […]

Its Time To Seek A Cosmetic Dentist?

Are you seriously considering talking to a cosmetic dentist? You have a trusted general practitioner, but this time you wish to see someone who can offer dental services that are beyond the regular kind that most patients usually get. The practice of cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton has gained popularity over the years because of how […]

Benefits Of Having Straight Teeth

Many people want to have straight teeth because it gives them the most confident smile they could show the world. But many are surprised to know that having straight teeth comes with more benefits than just that. According to dental practitioners all over the world, straightening of one’s teeth comes with significant effects on one’s […]

What To Look For In A Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton has become a widespread practice because of the high demand for restorative dental procedures. Most dentists in Edmonton North West offers cosmetic dental procedures to patients who want to bring back the beautiful pearly white smile. With all the many practitioners in the area, choosing only one dentist can be quite […]

Getting To Know Your Dental Specialists

Whether it’s for dental cleaning, checkup or tooth extraction, most people go to the general dental practitioner for all their health care needs. These dentists have been trained to provide dental services to young and old alike, treating healthy and not-so-healthy mouths. However, just like every other branch of medicine, dentistry has become more specialized, […]