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Common Questions About The Mouthwash Answered!

You may be a pro in flossing and brushing your teeth, but using mouthwash is a whole different story. Some may be choosing their mouthwash brand based on the advertisements they see on television or what’s at a special promo price. There are very little known facts about the benefits and the proper way of using the mouthwash. How often do you use the mouthwash? Can it be a substitute for brushing or flossing? The answer to these questions and more mouthwash questions are answered here:

•    What is mouthwash?

The mouthwash is an oral health care product that provides extra care for your teeth and gums. Although brushing and flossing may be the staple products for taking care of your oral health, adding the mouthwash could be an excellent addition to the products that could help you keep all your teeth and your gums in good condition at all times.

•    What are the benefits of using mouthwash?

According to dental professionals, mouthwashes can help slow down the build-up of tartar, prevent tooth decay and even reduce your chances of suffering from gingivitis. Apart from these benefits, the mouthwash is known to contribute to reducing the likelihood of developing bad breath by keeping the mouth healthy. Mouthwashes come with anti-bacterial agents that kill the bacteria in the mouth.

•    Should it come before brushing or after?

It doesn’t matter what comes first as long as you use all these products to help ensure that your oral health is in perfect condition all the time. Instead of focusing on whether to brush first or floss or gargle the mouthwash first, you simply have to make sure that you do all these before leaving the house or before going to sleep at night.

•    Can the kids use the mouthwash too?

Very young children are not advised to use the mouthwash yet. They might be able to swallow it instead of spitting it out, and that could put their health at risk. Children six years old and below should not use the mouthwash with fluoride. Although the mouthwash is not suitable for children, adults and children older than six can use the mouthwash to their liking. Not only is it an excellent addition to their oral health care routine, but it will ensure that they don’t suffer from unwanted oral health problems.

Have you tried using the mouthwash yourself? If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the best time to add an extra layer of protection for your teeth and gums.

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