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Denture Use: How Do You Get Used To It?

Oral discomfort has become a part of the lives of those who wear dentures. No matter how fit the dentures are or how beautifully they looked, a part of it still makes most patients experience a bit of discomfort. Is it a problem for you too? Wearing dentures takes a lot of getting used to. You need to feel comfortable wearing them to be able to achieve your desired oral health care goals.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to achieve comfort in wearing dentures. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to have that beautiful smile. With these tips, you can make both in no time:

Tip 1: Be Realistic About your Expectations

Like braces, dentures will feel like a foreign object inside the mouth. Give yourself some time to adjust to wearing them. In fact, there will be moments when you feel embarrassed to smile or to talk because you are wearing dentures. It ‘s okay to incur discomfort or shock in the beginning, but the goal is for the adjustment not to take forever. Patience is a virtue, and it is something that you should put into practice when you begin to wear dentures.

Tip 2: Sing your Heart Out

Several research studies have shown how great music is in assisting those who want to improve their speech capabilities with their dentures on. Music is perfect for your speech training. With your dentures on, try to sing with your favorite song. Singing helps the mouth adjust to the dentures. Although it may seem like the phrases you speak are not as fluid as you used to when you had your natural teeth. Eventually, you’ll be able to adjust to it.

Tip 3: Give those Cheeks a Massage

The muscles in your cheeks help keep that face smiling. They also assist you in eating. To help the cheeks, gently press it while you are wearing your dentures. This will allow the muscles to move to accommodate the dentures. Doing the cheek massage on a regular basis will help you swallow and speak more naturally even with your dentures on. Cheek pain could be a clear sign of ill-fitting dentures.

The use of dentures can be uncomfortable in the beginning, but it doesn’t have to last you a lifetime. Make sure to schedule regular visits to your dentist to keep up with demands of your oral hygiene now that you are wearing dentures.