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Drinking Bottled Water: Is It Good For Your Teeth?

Drinking water has always been a part of having a healthy lifestyle. In fact, hydrating one’s self-helps not only regulate the water in the body, but it helps in weight loss too. Although drinking bottled water may be beneficial for your health in so many ways, it may not have the same effect on your dental health. In truth, drinking bottled water may mean doing your teeth a disservice. It may be missing some of the elements required to keep one’s oral health in tip-top shape.

There has been a great call for water fluoridation, very little of the communities have seriously considered it. Adding fluoride to the water supply helps children grow healthy teeth and gums while it prevents the adults from losing their teeth and giving in to the use of dentures. In many communities in Canada, water fluoridation helps prevent tooth decay to date.

How does the water work?

Fluoride helps strengthen the tooth enamel that protects the surface to keep it from getting damaged by the acid presence in the mouth. Fluoride helps people fight dental cavities by ensuring that the teeth are always protected. Unfortunately, most bottled waters available in the market are not fluoride enriched. In fact, the filtration process that the water undergoes removes the fluoride that it contains. Although the goal is to eliminate the sediments and impurities, it also strips the water off the healthy nutrients that it contains.

Will drinking water help me save my teeth from cavities?

Although drinking water comes with numerous benefits, one could not depend on it alone to prevent them from suffering from oral health problems. Regular brushing and flossing after every meal help lessen the chances of suffering from tooth and gum diseases. Visiting the dentist twice a year for regular dental cleaning and check-up will help an individual prevent oral health problems from becoming serious health conditions.

Drinking fluoride-rich water will help hydrate the body and at the same time strengthen the tooth enamel. But dentist recommends that regular brushing, flossing and keeping up with dental visits be strictly followed to ensure that oral health is in perfect condition.

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