Drinking Milk Helps Prevent Gum Disease

When you were young, you’ve been encouraged to drink milk to help you grow healthy bones. As you grow much older, milk drinking has been associated with a healthy way to lose unwanted excess weight. But did you know that drinking milk also helps prevent gum diseases? Consumption of dairy products lowers the instance of developing gum disease because of the lactic acid content found in milk.

But just before you head to the grocery to the aisle where your favourite dessert is and getting yourself that tub of ice cream, it is important to be able to distinguish the good source of healthy calcium from the bad ones. Not all dairy products are good for your oral health. For example, consumption of more than a cup of ice cream in a day may mean eating more sugar than you’re supposed to. Sugar is bad for your oral health because it hastens the production of cavities around the teeth and gum area.

Some dairy products are a healthier source of lactic acid like yoghurt and buttermilk. These two have been found to be responsible for helping prevent people from suffering periodontal diseases. Although milk and cheese may be two of the most popular dairy products, they are not a very rich source of lactic acid. Eating them once in a while may come with some health benefits too, though their contribution to protecting the gums from becoming unhealthy may be very little.

Periodontal disease, more commonly called gum disease,  develops from the build-up of plaque in the area surrounding the teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly may help prevent such disease, although some people suffer from it due to genetics. The dental plaque, if kept untouched, turns into dental tartar that later makes the gum infected. Swollen gums, loose teeth and receding gum line are a few of the early symptoms of a severe gum problem.

If such symptoms are kept too long without getting interventional from a dental professional, they could develop into a periodontal disease that targets and destroys the tissues surrounding the teeth causing it to be vulnerable than it should be. When it gets worse, the condition causes patients to lose a tooth or teeth in other extreme cases.

Drinking milk is just one of the many ways you can prevent periodontal disease. Alongside it should be regular brushing and flossing and seeing your dentist at the first sign of a tooth or gum problem. Only a dental professional would be able to help you deal with the problem before it becomes worse.

Image Source: http://freedigitalphotos.net