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Facts About Invisalign You Must Know!

When your dentist tells you it might be time to consider Invisalign, you begin to wonder what it is. How is it different from the regular braces that dentists also suggest to patients who need their teeth realigned? It is only when you get answers to all these questions that you begin to see Invisalign as a treatment option. So before it is too late, here are the frequently asked questions about Invisalign and the facts that will make you want to go for it:

What are These Aligners Made of?

Braces have become popularly known for its stable, metallic nature. It is designed to help patients teeth realignments to get the best smile. Invisalign, also referred to as invisible aligners,  are made of thermoplastic material. They look very similar to teeth whitening trays, making them virtually invisible. Much like braces, Invisalign aligners are custom-made for you. It is made to move your teeth in the sequence you and your dentist have agreed upon.

Are They Effective in Realigning Teeth?

Although these aligners may not be seen from the outside, the patient wearing it will feel the difference. Over the course of the treatment, the aligners will be changed soon after the dentist realizes that it has already done its part. Every aligner given to you is designed to make small adjustments to put the tooth in position. This process has already been mapped out by your dentist in Edmonton. When the aligners are attached to the teeth, slowly, it does its job to gradually shift the teeth from its current position to its desired position.

How Often Will the Aligners be Replaced?

Unlike dental braces, Invisalign aligners are replaced as often as every two weeks. A different set will be given to help the teeth gradually move to its place. The process will continue for at least two months or longer, depending on the current position of the teeth. A dental practitioner will manage the treatment, so you are confident that it will work and bring about desired results.

Should I Get Invisalign Instead?

The option of Invisalign in Edmonton has become popular because of the comfort and convenience that it comes with. While it may be relatively new to braces, it can help patients achieve their desired outcome without making drastic changes in their diet or lifestyle. The question of whether you should get it or not depends on what your dentist will recommend. Remember, it is always best to ask the experts on what to do.