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Fluoride: What Role Does It Play In Your Dental Health?

Are you wondering how fluoride content in the toothpaste you are using changes the name of the game when it comes to oral health care? If so, you would be glad to know that drinking a simple glass of water every day will help in digestion as well as in keeping the strength of your teeth? Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in your teeth, but many add it to the water that they drink every day.

Did you know that the drinking water that you consume every day contains a right amount of fluoride that can help protect your teeth? The same goes for some of the food items that you could include in your diet. Increasing water intake also means increasing the amount of fluoride your teeth are getting, which creates a protective shield to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride also helps rebuild the tooth enamel that protects the teeth from plaque build-up. Regular water intake and use of other sources of fluoride contribute to maintaining the good structure of the teeth.

How does fluoride function?

Through the food and the sugary drinks that you take in throughout the day, your teeth become exposed to acids that break down the enamel, which then leads to the development of tooth decay. Fluoride helps inhibit the unwanted acids from attacking the surface of the tooth. More importantly, it works to protect the tooth by restoring the minerals that have been down and repair the weak spots in the tooth enamel in the process. Fluoride has also been found to be excellent in helping strengthen the growing teeth of children.

Why should you get fluoride treatment?

In addition to keeping a regular healthy diet and drinking a lot of water, dentists also recommend the use of the right toothbrush and fluoride-rich toothpaste. You shouldn’t miss out on your regular dental treatments because your dentist can help treat your teeth with higher fluoride concentration. Fluoride treatments at least twice a year will help prevent the worst from happening to your teeth. When needed, your dentist could also recommend a few fluoride-rich products you can take as supplements.

Who will benefit from fluoride treatments?

All patients, young and old can benefit from getting fluoride treatment. Regular dental visits and the use of high-quality toothpaste will provide your teeth with all the protection that you need. Ask your dental health provider about additional fluoride treatments you can get to ensure that your teeth are growing as they should be.

Image Source: www.freedigitalphotos.net