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Food Intake: How Does it Affect Your Dental Health

Teeth, tongue, and gums are all found inside the mouth. More than that, all three are tools to help you eat and digest your food. They are all essential in chewing as well as swallowing — which are both parts of the primary stage of digestion. The mouth is the initial point of contact between your body and the nutrition that you are feeding it through your food intake.

It is safe to say that what you put inside your mouth affects not only your oral health condition but your overall nutrition as well. Did you know that if your body is not getting the nutrients that it requires, the first signs of malnutrition shows in the mouth? Whether it is the yellowish color of the teeth or the swelling of the gums, all of which are a sign of oral health problems or something even worse.

Every person has his own nutrition requirements depending on their age, physical activity and other health factors that need to be considered. If your food intake says a lot about your dental health, it is important that you put careful consideration in the food items that you choose to eat. More than the health benefits that you get from eating healthy, your teeth and gums are also protected by healthy eating.

Dentists and Nutritionists recommend that you include any of the following in your diet:

  • Vegetable and Fruits — When these two are combined, they should fill half of your child’s plate every meal time. Remember to choose the fruits and vegetables that your kids like while slowly introducing new ones that they would love to have in their regular diet.
  • Grains — Remember to always choose whole grains. This includes whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and brown rice. Doing so will not only reduce the calorie intake but it will also help keep your teeth healthy.
  • Dairy — If you stopped drinking milk, this might be a good time to include more dairy in your diet. Always choose low-fat and fat-free diet. However, if you are lactose-intolerant, be sure to ask your dentist for an alternative.

In addition to food intake, make sure to partner it with regular exercise. A combination of these two will make sure that you are healthy and strong, but they give you a healthy set of teeth and gums too.