Lavender Scents: Secret To Ease Dental Fear

Why did you miss the last dental appointment you were supposed to have? Was it in conflict with your work schedule or your child’s performance in school? Or did you purposely miss it because you were suffering from dental fear? If your plan was entirely open and you are in denial of what may have caused you to miss that dental appointment, then it might be your fear that got in the way. Luckily, dentists now offer a verity of options for patients who have an unexplainable fear of undergoing dental treatments.

If the stress of getting dental treatment is making it difficult for you, it is also tough for dentists who provide you with the treatment. The tense environment they have to deal with alongside the patient who has a great fear of the surgery itself only translates into procedures taking longer than usual; thus, there is more room for error. If you are one of those suffering from dental fear, it will help to understand what is causing the fear, so that something can be done to improve the experience.

Sedation dentistry is one of the practices that dentists offer their clients who have difficulty controlling their fear of dental treatments. The method puts the patient to sleep while the dentist works on their dental problem. It aims to improve the dental experience to ensure that no patient will ever have to suffer from unwanted tooth and gum pain just because they fear to see their dentist when they’re due.

Some dentists have tried other methods, and that includes the use of lavender scents in their clinics. Lavender is a herb that has become popular because of its calming effect on people. Lavender has been used to treat alopecia (hair loss condition), insomnia, anxiety and even an upset stomach. You must have come across lavender scented candles and other items sold on store shelves, and you can’t deny how soothing the smell can be.

Aromatherapy has been known to help a lot of patients feel better, although the thought of getting dental treatment is still scary. Its sedative effect on patients allows the dentist to do his job and get it done as fast and as clean as he could. There may be a handful of ways on how dentists can help their patients overcome their fear of dentists and dental treatments, but the use of lavender scent helps achieve desired results.

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