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Medical Conditions That Affect Oral Health

Whenever you come in for a regular dental check-up, never lose interest in what the dentist is telling you. If you think they only see your teeth and gums, better think twice. In truth, whenever dentist checks on their patient’s dental condition, they look closely at the greater scheme of things. They check for possible signs of a serious medical condition.

Did you know that some health related issues show early signs in the mouth? Here are some of the medical conditions that may be diagnosed early if you see your dentist on a regular basis. By then, help is already on its way.


Like any other lifestyle disease, diabetes can be rooted from the food and beverage intake. When you choose to eat what’s not healthy, you end up dealing not only with a terrible toothache but high blood sugar levels too. Both can be terrifying to deal with. Research shows diabetes and gum problems are closely associated with one another. Sometimes, the swelling of the gums is caused by high sugar levels in the body, which may require treatments of the gums and diabetes at the same time.

Oral Cancer

Your dentist plays a huge role in the early detection of possible oral cancer. Remember that the primary role of dentistry as a medical practice is early detection and prevention. Although dental check-ups are six months apart, they still help ensure that the initial stages of an acute condition are detected and treated as soon as possible. The dentist may notice subtle changes in the conditions inside the mouth that the patient himself might not be able to notice at all.

Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa

Both bulimia and anorexia nervosa are serious eating disorders. Both men and women can suffer from these conditions, especially those who have become extremely concerned about gaining weight. Both lead people to engage in excessive dieting which does not only affect the way they think but has become the leading cause of death. Both conditions have implications on the teeth. When you are not eating as much as you should, the teeth are not getting the minerals and nutrients that they need to maintain good oral health.

Communication with your dental practitioner is crucial to your overall health. During your visit, take the time to talk to your dentist. You may talk about your health concerns even if you think they do not have anything to do with your dental health. Remember, your dentist is your partner in achieving your dental health goals. Be one with them in making yourself look and feel healthy inside out.