Oral Body Piercing: What Are Its Effects On Your Body

Today’s generation seems to be finding more and more ways on how they could express themselves and their ideas. From the pictures that they post on Instagram to the status updates and whatnots they post on various social media sites, individuals of the modern generation are out to express their thoughts in the every way possible. In fact, piercing has become one of the most prevalent works of art. Although it has become even more popular over the recent years, many should be made more aware of the health risks that come with oral body piercing.

Oral body piercing is the type of piercing that involves the tongue, cheeks, lips or a combination of various sites covered by oral health. Getting one may seem cool, but its implications on one’s oral health should never be taken lightly nor ignored. People who undergo oral piercing typically goes through it without the use of any anesthetic. The barbell looking design of the tongue ring is usually put in place suing a needle. A temporary device is also placed in the mouth to help reduce swelling. If there are no complications, complete healing may take about four to six weeks.

But since oral body piercing means going against the natural form of oral health, it comes with risks that everyone should be aware of. The whole process of oral health piercing means putting things inside the mouth that is alien to its natural environment. It is because of this fact that many suffer from unwanted oral health problems that may come with pain and swelling. It may cause people to have difficulty eating, increase the flow of saliva as well as injuries to the gum tissue.

If a blood vessel has been hit during the piercing process, bleeding that may be difficult to control should be expected. For some, chipped and cracked teeth could be infected by blood poisoning because of the items you put in the mouth that breaks the natural process of everything in it. For many, the swelling of the tongue, the cheeks, and the lips are to be expected as an initial effect of oral body piercing. However, in extreme conditions, the swelling of the tongue could cause the airways to be blocked; thus, making it even more difficult for the individual to breathe.

Sadly, a lot of people though aware of these unwanted side effects that come with oral body piercing do not seem to care. Its effects on the body can be terrifying, especially when its problems develop into more serious ones that may complicate your oral health in the long run. Instead, keep the mouth jewelry off and put it on hold until you fully realize its effects on your body. Keep that healthy smile instead. It’s the fashion statement that never goes out of style.

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