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Shed Pounds By Brushing Your Teeth

How many times have you tried to shed off those extra pounds to fit into a dress that you like? You must have tried it several times and in each attempt, you were successful in making the dress fit. However, as the days went by, it seems that the drive to lose weight takes the back seat whenever good food is served on the table. It can be quite easy to fall off the wagon of weight loss, especially when your favorite dishes are presented right in front of you. Who are you to say no to good food, right?

Did you know that the simple act of brushing your teeth can help you shed off the extra pounds? This may sound absurd in the beginning, but when you realize how it can work for you, you’d be surprised at how good are for you and your overall dental health. Most dental problems have been linked to obesity, and those who suffer from dental problems are those who don’t watch what they eat or fail miserably to stick to their diet plan.

Snacking on unhealthy food lie chips and fast food may be one of your favorite activities, but it could be one of the reasons why you are having dental problems. Packing up all those pounds in the belly can give you a weight problem, not to mention the oral problems that it comes with. People who are fond of eating those unhealthy snacks are found to have more sugar deposits in their teeth. The presence of glucose on teeth increase the odds of cavity development, gum disease, and tooth decay. The food eft behind can also enter the blood stream causing one to develop onset diabetes because of their unhealthy diet.

Individuals can let go of their unhealthy snacking habits by just reminding themselves to brush every after a meal. Practicing such a simple oral hygiene technique can reduce the elements in the mouth that stimulate the appetite to eat. You don’t need to hunger suppressant drugs to help keep yourself from eating the unhealthy. You simply need to brush your teeth after eating a regular meal, and that’s it. The effect will wear off when it is time for the second healthy meal of the day.

The minty fresh breath is associated with the feeling of confidence, making you look more appealing to others. Dentists recommend that patients wait for thirty minutes after eating before they brush their teeth. The natural process of digestion softens the tooth enamel to facilitate proper burning of calories consumed. After thirty minutes, the enamel has already hardened up to cover the teeth again and keep it protected. Such practice can help prevent the wear and tear of the tooth.