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Smoking And Dental Health: How Are They Related?

Did you know that more than 50% of women all over the world are smoking? Most of them are aware of the adverse effects that smoking has on their body, especially their lungs. However, some these women remain unaware of the harsh effects that smoking has on their dental health. Several smoking-related problems have been reported, and it includes the detrimental effects it has on the teeth, gums and even the lips.

One’s dental health is put at risk when one decides to engage in smoking. Whether it is tobacco or e-cigarette, smoking can come with very harsh effects on one’s overall health, particularly their dental health. What could happen to your teeth and gums when you decide to smoke?

•    First, you can expect the color of your teeth to change. Discoloration of the teeth is one of the many effects that smoking has on your dental health. This type of discoloration can be permanent; thus, no dental treatment could revert it back to its original, healthy color. Teeth discoloration may seem superficial, but its effects on one’s confidence can be life changing.

•    Second, smoking can make you suffer from receding gums. Because smoking brings chemicals into the body through the mouth, the gums become more at risk of suffering from various types of problems that could cause it to recede, exposing more parts of the teeth than it should. When one suffers from gum problems, one could only expect the tooth problems to reveal themselves soon after too.

•    Third, bad breath syndrome can be caused by smoking tobacco. It can be quite difficult to speak to others when you could smell the nasty breath that you have. No amount of brushing or gargling could treat bad breath. Unless you decide to stop smoking, that’s the only time that your body will ultimately try to get rid of the bad breath alongside the remedies that you try to employ like regular brushing.

•    Lastly, smoking can put your overall oral health in jeopardy. From the simple case of bad breath to receding gums to tooth discoloration, continued smoking can make you lose all your health teeth and suffer even more. For guidance, it is best that you talk with your dental practitioner. They can give you sound advice on what to do and for sure quitting smoking altogether is on top of that list.