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Three Signs You Have Cavity

You were out of a dinner date with some of your closest friends. You were about to bite on that chewy piece of cookie when you felt that tinge of pain in your tooth, and it stopped you. You thought about two things that could cause the pain – one is that maybe the cookie was too tough; second, you probably are suffering from dental cavities that you didn’t know of until now.

Teeth are strong, and they come with natural enamel to keep them protected. With proper care, your teeth can last you a lifetime. The first sign of pain should be an indication that the teeth or the gums around it may not be the healthiest state. Apart from the pain, here are three signs you must watch out for. They will remind you that your teeth and gums are at risk for cavities or that they are starting to build one.

1.       Tooth Sensitivity

One sign that you are already suffering from cavities is when your teeth suddenly become sensitive to food and beverages that are too hot or too cold. The teeth contain substances called dentin and cementum. Both provide the teeth with natural protection against exposure to extreme temperatures. When you feel a tinge of pain whenever you eat or drink something hot or cold, it means that your teeth are slowly losing its natural protection due to cavities. It then results in tooth sensitivity. This is a clear indication that a visit to the dentist needs to be scheduled soon.

2.       Stained Teeth

Are dark stains starting to appear on the surface of your teeth? It is time to pay closer attention to it. Although staining can be caused by some things including the consumption of caffeinated drinks like soda, tea, and coffee, it can also be a clear indication of a cavity infection. Your teeth may be growing cavities when you see grey, brown or even black spots on them. Don’t merely dismiss them as coffee stains. Go to the nearest Edmonton Dental Clinic and have the dentist give a professional assessment.

3.       Tooth Pain From Biting

There is no denying that one of the most reliable indications that you have cavities is when you experience pain while eating. As the outer layer of the tooth begins to erode due to a cavity infection, it starts to expose the parts of the tooth that are never meant for exposure, triggering sudden pain. Be sure to visit the dentist immediately. If the pain is no longer tolerable, it is best to seek emergency dental in Edmonton. The dentist can at least give you prescription medication to manage the pain until a treatment plan is arrived at.