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Three Signs It’s Time For Dental Braces

Ideally, dentists recommend the wearing of braces to those who have problems with teeth alignment and who want to have results that will last a lifetime. For many adults, however, suffering from orthodontic relapse has become common and somewhat a disappointing experience as well. Such feeling is particular to those who have spent their junior and senior years in high school wearing braces. But not everyone suffers from orthodontic relapse.

If you are wondering whether you have it or not, here are three signs you must watch out for. If you have any of these three or all three of them, it is best to consult with a trusted Edmonton dentist in North East. These professionals will be able to help you alleviate the situation to gain more positive results.

First, when you notice a new type of teeth crowding, it is best to see your dentist immediately. This perhaps is the most common of all signs that you need another set of braces. If you dealt with the problem of crowding before you had any of the braces installed, the likelihood of you suffering from it again is very high. Without the reinforcement that comes from the wearing of retainers at night, the teeth are likely to move back to its original position, requiring you another set of braces, again.

Second, when teeth are crowding at one side of the mouth, they do not only make a crowd, but they also leave gaps. These empty spaces between the teeth are unsightly too. If you think that your teeth are shifting out of their position, expect to deal with new gaps too. A well-aligned smile is the one where the teeth sit side by side without overlap making it easier to brush and floss.

Third, teeth alignment is not just an issue of aesthetics. In fact, they pose serious health conditions if not adequately dealt with. When teeth shift out of their position, they create space for the bacteria to grow and develop. As these areas can be hard to read through brushing and flossing, the patient becomes at risk for tooth decay and gum disease. If your gums look red or if they bleed quickly, it is best to go to an Edmonton dental clinic immediately to get an assessment and proper oral health care.

Gain back your confidence and bring back the smile on your face. Talk to a trusted dentist in Edmonton and see how they can help straighten your teeth and keep you from wearing braces again in the coming years.