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Tobacco: How Is It A Risk To Oral Health?

Smoking has become one of the people’s favorite past times. Usually, these people try to learn to smoke out of curiosity. For the younger ones, their first hit of a cigarette is done out of peer pressure. Sadly, many of those who try engaging in smoking do not seem to find in themselves the courage to quit. Although they are acutely aware of the adverse effects that it has on their body, particularly their lungs, smokers continue to do what they do because they only focus on how good it makes them feel.

However, tobacco or smoking in general comes not only with serious health risks, but it has its effects on one’s oral health too. Perhaps it may be important to note that the most severe condition that tobacco smoking comes with is the development of oral cancer. It is a rare condition that comes with early signs and symptoms, especially to those who put themselves at risk. How does smoking become a threat to oral health condition?

•    First, tobacco smoking is the leading cause of oral cancer and several types of throat cancer. Patients who have been diagnosed with such are guilty of cigarette smoking. The risks of developing such types of cancer are higher for those who smoke or chew tobacco more often than they should. In fact, if you are smoking, now would be a good time to quit or else suffer from the pain that comes with oral cancer.

•    Second, smokers are found to be more at risk of developing other types of cancer as well. This includes lung cancer. The lungs of smokers have to work doubly hard to help them breathe normally. Other types of cancer may also develop due to the harmful chemicals that get inside the body through smoking.

•    Third, almost fifty percent of those who have been treated for oral cancer decide to go back to smoking. Doing such has had them at risk for developing secondary cancer despite treatment. This time, they are in danger of developing mouth, larynx or throat cancer. Sadly, this time, treatment for such may become even more challenging and expensive.

Smoking tobacco is something that you should not try engaging in. If you can, decide to stop tobacco and cigarette smoking today. It is not just about keeping healthy teeth and gums. Rather, it is about giving yourself the chance to enjoy life without being in pain.

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