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Calcium: What Makes It So Important?

Did you know that the human body has an abundant supply of Calcium? Apart from being known to strengthen the skeletal system of the body including the bones and the teeth, Calcium also plays a vital role in many of the primary bodily functions. Calcium is essential in the natural process of blood clotting, the contraction of blood vessels and muscles as well as the regulation of hormones that allow the body to function correctly.

This is how vital Calcium is to the body that it has its feedback system that sends signals whenever the calcium content in the body is no longer enough. It is kept at a constant level to ensure that all the bodily functions that are dependent on it are functional. The human body has a similar system for both potassium and sodium too. Whenever the blood, as well as the other bodily functions, need more calcium, they take it out of your bones where it is stored.

The body cannot make its calcium. The only way to get it is to supplement the body with it. You can do this by eating more calcium-rich foods or drink vitamin supplements with high calcium content. If you don’t get much calcium from your diet, you will end up having weakened bones and teeth, increasing the risk of tooth and gum problem as well as fractures later on in life.  But how do you know that you have had enough calcium for the month?

The need for calcium depends on the person’s age. Infants too young children don’t need as many supplements because they are getting a lot of their calcium needs from their milk. Dairy products such as yogurt and cheese are also a good source of calcium for children and adults alike. Broccoli, soybeans and orange juice are just three of the other good sources of calcium. Dentists say there is never too much calcium in the body to keep the teeth healthy.

Apart from regular brushing and flossing, it is essential for everyone, young children, and adults, always to consider eating calcium-rich foods. Recognizing the importance of calcium in one’s health is still the first step in know how to take care of your teeth, bones and overall health. Why is calcium so essential? Because it supplements the bones and teeth and keeps it healthy and strong.