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Smoking Makes You Older

A lot of people are striving to look a few years younger than their real age. Some enroll themselves in the gym hoping that when they lose weight, the years of their age will fade away too. And then there are those who only choose to eat healthy because being healthy means looking healthy and that’s a few years off the age too. But there are those who wish to look younger but couldn’t quit smoking, and that spells a disaster. Beyond the obvious health risks that come with smoking, it is also the reason why your skin looks dry and old.

People who smoke are more at risk for premature aging of the skin. Compared to non-smokers, those who smoke experience wrinkling of the skin faster. These changes aren’t confined to the skin that is near the mouth or is exposed to smoke. Several studies show that smokers usually suffer from wrinkling of the skin in the upper arm typically seen in older adults.

Did you know that smoking also affects your vocal cords? The smoke inhaled causes swelling on the vocal cords making speaking and singing more painful. Continuous smoking could irritate the vocal cords which could then develop to cancer of the throat. Any of these conditions could lead to the change of the quality of the voice. It could deepen and become scratchy at times too.

Dental issues are not far from those who are smoking. Aside from the most visible staining of the teeth, smoking could also lead to the development of halitosis, most popularly known as bad breath. Apart from that, smokers are also prone to developing periodontal diseases, which could lead to gum bleeding or worse – tooth loss. If you are a smoker, it is best to visit your dentist more often. This is to ensure that your teeth and gums are getting the cleaning that they require.

Smokers are at risk of developing severe health conditions. Not only do they suffer from shortness of breath because their lungs are filled with smoke, but they could also lose all appetite to eat healthily.

It is not just about the issue of looking old. Instead, it is about feeling old from inside out. Don’t let yourself age too fast. Consider quitting. Talk to your doctor about it. They may have several suggestions on how you can do it.