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Three Ways To Help Relieve Pain After Tooth Extraction

Children whose baby tooth has yet to come out might need to undergo tooth extraction. Most dentists recommend such dental procedure when the permanent tooth is always showing. Although most baby tooth would come out on its own, when it doesn’t, the dentist will just have to pull it out. This is to ensure that the permanent tooth grows right where it should. Baby teeth need very minimal pressure to pull, but some kids still feel pain during the procedure.

The effort put in pulling the teeth out and leave the socket empty may cause tenderness and swelling in the next few days. It may cause pain and discomfort afterward. Some children may complain about it, while others can just brush it off. Sometimes, the dentist recommends pain relievers for children. Though most of the time, they just say to put cold compress until the pain goes away on its own. However, children may refuse to brush their teeth in fear that it might make the pain worse.

In these situations, dentists recommend that parents be there to encourage or in some circumstances help their child in brushing their teeth even if it brings about a little pain. Not brushing could lead to more pain, not to mention more dental problems in the future. To be able to help your child, here are three ways to do it.

  • Always Follow What The Dentist Suggests

More often than not, the dentist will make a list of suggestions on what can be done to help children deal with the pain. And one of the best ways to help your child is to follow what the dentists suggest. The first 24 hours may come with a restricted soft diet. In particular, they might refrain you from serving soup or hot dishes to your child at least not until the numbness wears off. Sometimes, dentists might recommend skipping brushing for two to five days after the procedure and may require your child to rinse warm water with salt instead.

  • Always Try To Be Positive About The Situation

Worrying will not do you and your child any good. Instead, work on making your reinforcements as confident as they could be. For one, you could reward your child with his favorite ice cream for being brave throughout the procedure. Talk to him about how excited you are that he is growing his adult tooth and that’s why it is essential to take care of it properly. This way, your child will be able to see past the pain and will instead see the positive side of it.

  • Never Give Up

Tooth sensitivity and the pain that it comes with should away in a couple of days. If it persists, it is best to go back to your dentist to have it checked. Always try to encourage your child to stay strong and the best way to do it is to show him that you are. Everything that the dentists say is to help your child heal properly. Also, their goal is to avoid infection at all costs as this could mean more pain.

Your child’s dental health care is what’s most important. Knowing that it is in excellent condition will give you peace of mind.