Dental Insurance: How to Maximize Your Dental Benefits

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dental insurance how to maximize your dental benefits

Why Should You Care About Dental Insurance?

Costs of dental treatments and procedures can add up as more and more dental checkups are needed to help you maintain good oral aesthetics and health. Dental insurance policies are a great way to alleviate the overall cost of dental treatments. Not every insurance policy offers the same advantages; each offers various amounts, coverage percentages, procedures covered, and deductibles that benefit each patient to a different extent.

As the year ends, you must take advantage of the dental benefits your policy covers over a year. Do not let these benefits go to waste when you can use them to restore, care for, and protect your oral health by booking and attending a dental checkup near you. Our dentists in Edmonton are more than happy to walk you through how you can use and maximize the benefits of your dental insurance plan.

Use Your Dental Insurance with Our Dentist Near You

Dental insurance plans are not standardized – they are different for every patient. Dental coverage varies regarding deductibles, dental services, and the percentage of covered costs. Most dental insurance plans have the “annual cap”; the annual cap limits coverage for specific dental treatments for each year. After using these funds during a given year (January to December), your insurance company will expect you to pay for any remaining balance. Most patients, who are not familiar with the annual cap and do not make use of it, are not allowed to carry the balance forward to use on the next year as this balance is reset every January.

You need to know what your dental insurance plan covers, and our dentists in Edmonton will be happy to assist you with the process of your cosmetic, elective, or preventative dental treatments to determine the best course of action. For example, dental insurance plans often cover preventative treatments like X-rays, meaning you will not have to pay for these services. Keep your benefits well-spent once the year ends; plan by considering the extent of your dental insurance and book a dental checkup with a dentist in  Edmonton.

You need to know your dental insurance plan’s annual cap, which will let you schedule your dental checkups near you. If your annual limit for the current year is almost fully utilized, then your best option, in this case, is to wait for it to completely reset the following January to have full access to your benefits. You can make notes on your calendar on the costs associated with each dental visit.

Cosmetic processes and procedures (non-preventative dental services) can be high as they require one or more appointments with a dentist near you. Public or private health insurance plans do not typically cover them. For cosmetic, non-preventative dental treatments, our dentist in Edmonton would recommend the patient move all their dental appointments to the end of the year (November to December) to utilize the current year’s benefits and continue the treatment at the beginning of the following year for the annual cap to reset and make use of the insurance plan benefits without the need to pay upfront. Remember that this must be discussed with a dentist near you since not every treatment is eligible.

Life happens, and your oral health to us comes first, so we encourage you to leave your oral health in the hands of our dentist and utilize your dental insurance for your convenience.

Help prevent oral disease and maintain a bright smile by scheduling regular dental checkups in Edmonton. You can use your dental insurance strategically to better look after your spouse’s and dependents’ oral health. Some dental insurance plans can extend coverage to your loved one. Teach those around you to practice positive oral hygiene habits to maintain a beautiful smile.

It is no secret that dental treatments and procedures can be costly; we provide you with the best dental services at affordable rates to ensure your dental needs are met. Here at Albany Dental, we encourage you to visit our website to learn about the services provided for your dental needs. Should you have any concerns or questions about anything, we encourage you to reach out to us at a time that works best for you.

Call us to schedule a dental checkup in Edmonton and get benefits from your dental insurance.