At Albany Dental, we strive to meet our patients’ needs and comfort, and we do so with the help of the newest technological advancements the dental profession has to offer.

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Rather than using cumbersome film, we use a digital sensor to take X-rays of your mouth. This sensor uses significantly less radiation to produce highly detailed images that are transferred instantly to our computer screens. From there we can magnify, rotate, and color code each X-ray to explain the issues behind your dental health.

A picture is worth a thousand words – especially when it comes to your dental health! To aid in diagnoses and record-keeping, we use handheld cameras to take magnified and detailed photos of your mouth, which can be displayed on our computer screens and TV monitors so you can see what our doctors are seeing.

Every examination room comes equipped with two TVs – one on the wall and one on the ceiling, so whether you’re sitting up or reclined, you can watch your favorite TV programs while we examine your teeth.

Every new patient at Albany Dental will receive a digital panoramic X-ray, which produces a full detailed image of your entire mouth. It acts as an additional tool for your continued oral health care by showing us areas of your mouth and dentition a regular X-ray wouldn’t.

We also have an ipad/Xbox set up in our reception room for your child’s entertainment.

We offer text message services for those who love their smartphones!