What You Need to Know About Dental Veneers in 2022

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what you need to know about dental veneers in 2022

Dental veneers are a wonderful form of cosmetic dentistry as they allow patients to successfully remedy the appearance of their smile despite the many ways our teeth can be damaged. It is also a non-surgical option requiring as little as two appointments.

So, if you’re tired of typing in “reliable dentist near me” or “where to find dental veneers in Edmonton,” reach out to our local dental office today! We’ll help you kickstart your oral health journey in the best way for you.

Dental Veneers: A Closer Look

Below are some of the main things you should know about dental veneers as a treatment before undergoing any dental work.

What Exactly are Dental Veneers?

Also known as porcelain veneers, this process involves applying thin shells to the external surface of your teeth. They’re customized to fit your oral dimensions and the colour and shape of your natural smile.

As the name indicates, they’re often fabricated from porcelain since this material is durable and resistant to discoloration.

What Issues Can Porcelain Veneers Fix?

Our Edmonton dentist may recommend obtaining dental veneers for several reasons, including teeth that are chipped/cracked, worn down, severely stained, or irregularly shaped. They can also be used to address unnatural gaps between your teeth.

How Can I get Dental Veneers?

As is the case with most, if not all, dental treatments, you will need to attend a consultation with our dentist in Edmonton. During such a session, they’ll talk to you about your medical and dental history, thoroughly examine your mouth, and take some X-rays. Our dentist will also ask you about your preferences regarding treatment. All this information will allow them to identify whether you’re an eligible candidate.

If you are given the go-ahead for this process, our dentist will take moulds of your teeth and send them off to the dental lab, where they are officially designed.

Are Dental Veneers the Best Cosmetic Solution?

Acquiring porcelain veneer treatment near you is a great treatment to explore if you want to improve and enhance your smile. Simply put, veneers are a good treatment for more minor adjustments. However, better options may exist if your teeth require more extensive repair.

Can You Get Veneers On More than One Tooth?

Yes, you can! You can receive one, two, or multiple veneers, depending on your situation. You also can choose between partial veneers or full veneers; the former doesn’t cover your whole tooth, while the latter does.

Typically, people have veneers placed on their very front teeth since they’re the most visible, and any damage they sustain is arguably the most detectable too.

How Long does it take to get My Veneers?

On average, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for your veneers to be ready; you’ll have to come back for a follow-up appointment to place them. Our dentist will ensure they fit your smile and meet your standards before letting you go on with the rest of your day.

What are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

There are multiple advantages to having veneers, and they are:

• It’s a non-surgical process.

• They’re customizable. For example, you can receive resin veneers too.

• They can address a wide range of aesthetic issues.

• Cosmetic dental treatments often walk the line between restorative dentistry, too; your veneers will improve the functionality of your teeth too.

• It is not a painful treatment.

• Veneers can last up to 10 years, maybe more.

• Extensive preparation is not necessary. The most significant thing to do is etch off a bit of your enamel so the veneer can stick.

• They can be replaced if damaged.

Interested in Porcelain Veneers? Come See Us Today!

At Albany Dental, we provide porcelain veneer treatment near you. Your smile says a lot about you, and it also plays a large role in your self-confidence.

So, are you ready to obtain the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted? Call, email, or visit our dental clinic and speak directly with our staff. We’ll help you schedule an appointment at a time that suits you. See you soon!