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Don’t Rush The Brushing!

How long does it take you to brush your teeth? This question might come as a surprise considering nobody has ever asked you how long it takes for you to brush your teeth. You just go about the process of brushing like you’re used to, and that’s it. Almost everyone thinks that as long as they brush their teeth, they are taking care of their oral health. But did you know that it takes more than just the brushing?

Dentists recommend a standard time for brushing. You shouldn’t be doing it too quick or too long. Brushing should be done alongside a beat to enable you to thoroughly go through the different areas of the mouth and have it cleaned. Despite the advancements in dental technology today, brushing remains to be the most effective way of taking care of teeth and gums. Sadly, people don’t brush long enough to be able to enjoy its benefits.

More often than not, people brush their teeth once in the morning and once before going to bed at night, usually with the radio turned on. It helps the brush the teeth while singing to a tune in mind. When you finish one song while continuously brushing, it means you are doing it right. One song lasts about three minutes or so, and that’s just enough time to get to all the corners of the mouth and have it cleaned.

People say that they brush long enough to have their mouth cleaned though dentists know it is not true. Because if they do brush that long each time, nobody would have to deal with serious dental conditions that usually begin with the plaque build-up around the teeth.  The build-up only happens when people fail to clean their teeth properly. Often, people only spend a minute or less in brushing their teeth, and that’s just not enough. Dentists recommend three to four minutes each time.

The type of toothbrush used also has a significant effect on the overall health of the teeth. A toothbrush should have a long wide handle with soft bristles. This helps clean the teeth and the gums even in the hard to reach areas in the mouth. Remember to toss the toothbrush out every three months and have it replaced with a new one.

Rushing through the brushing isn’t helpful at all. It is more harmful than you think!