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What To Expect With Dental Braces?

Your dentist recommended that you get dental braces in place to help with the realignment of your teeth. You got scared by the thought of having braces, especially because you have heard a lot of your friends say how difficult it was to eat and speak. Your dentist reaffirmed that there is a little difficulty, but it is part of the treatment and that as soon as you have adjusted, eating and speaking with your braces on won’t be as difficult anymore.

Because it is the best option that your dentist provided you with, you went ahead and got dental braces. But before you regret having them installed, here are a few things about dental braces that you need to know to be able to manage your expectations:

•    The treatment consists of three stages. The initial phase involves the installation of the braces on your teeth. The second phase includes the periodic adjustments that need to be made throughout the months that you have your braces on, usually at monthly intervals. The last step involves the wearing of retainers as soon as the braces have been removed.

•    Most of the time, brackets are attached to the front part of the teeth, although they can also be put at the back to hide them better. However, attaching them at the back makes it even harder to access or adjust when needed.

•    Brackets are made of stainless steel so they can be quite heavy. It is made that way to make sure that they serve their purpose of realigning the teeth to put them where they should be. Modern bracket materials are smaller making them less noticeable.

•    Dental braces can be quite expensive, but most dentists provide a payment plan to make it easier for your budget. Although there are other treatments to address teeth alignment problems, dental braces are the most popular and most recommended.

•    The first few months with the dental braces may require you to make some adjustments regarding your food intake and even the activities you engage in. Participation in contact sports may not be permitted until after a few months, and you may be put on a soft diet plan depending on the extent of the dental problem that the braces address.

Dental braces, like any other dental treatment, requires a bit of change in one’s lifestyle. However, dentists won’t recommend them unless truly needed.