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What Foods Are Harmful To Your Health

How do you choose the foods that you eat? Do you choose the ones that are healthy or do you choose the one that satisfies your cravings? If you are the latter, then you are much like everyone else. Who wouldn’t want to eat the foods that make you full and makes you feel good about eating? Practically everyone who eats would like to have something that tastes good and ultimately satisfying.

However, very few people choose their foods because they are the healthier option. In fact, the numbers are so low that the number of people developing life-threatening diseases like type two diabetes is growing by the minute. More than that, eating unhealthy foods can damage your oral health by allowing the growth of bacteria in the mouth to hasten. Before you know it, your teeth are covered with cavities and the only way you knew about it is because you woke up to that throbbing pain of a toothache.

But it isn’t too take. Dentists say that as long as people recognize the value of what they eat to their overall health, there is always time to make a change for the better. Here is a list of the foods that should not be in your grocery cart ever again.

  • Candy — this includes the soft and hard sticky ones like mints, lollipops, and caramel. These sweets make it faster for cavities to form on and around the teeth. Not only do they make your blood sugar level go up, but they compromise your teeth and gums too.

  • Cookies, muffins, and cakes — all three of them may make you feel full for a moment, but the next minute, you feel hungry again. They are rich in sugar and carbohydrates and the combination of these two can be bad for your dental health.

  • Chips — they may be enticed to eat but they come with no nutritional value. They can contribute to the cavity growth in the mouth.

  • Sugary drinks like lemonade, soda, tea and other sweetened coffee are all harmful to your dental health. Sipping them causes your teeth to be in a constant bath of sugar, which promotes tooth decay.

Nutritious foods may seem more expensive than the unhealthy ones,  but you shouldn’t give in to the temptation. After all, your overall health should not come with a price tag. All that you need to remember is that you should always choose to eat what is healthy to keep yourself healthy at all times.