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Are Dental Braces Just For Kids?

You’ve recently visited your dentist, and you’ve been told that dental braces might be the best option for your case. You begin to doubt what the dentist said considering that you are no longer a teenager. Many adults who have been recommended to wear braces often wonder why their dentists would think that. It is easy to assume that braces are only for kids and teenagers since most patients who are wearing them are of that age bracket. However, dentists highly recommend the use of braces, even to adults, especially to those who are dealing with misaligned teeth.

Dental braces are as practical to adults as much as it is effective on children. In fact, the process of moving teeth in place is practically the same for young children and adults. The re-alignment of teeth is pretty much the same at any age. There are also cases when adults where braces longer than children have to wear them. In truth, the length of wearing braces is on a case to case basis. The dentist will make their recommendation based on your dental situation.

Adults may also require more orthodontic treatment apart from wearing braces. Because their facial bones are all fully grown, dentists will have to think of other ways to help improve their smile. Do children these days have more options when it comes to orthodontic treatment? Indeed! Times have changed.

Most adults associate is wearing braces to those heavy metal rings that people used to wear in the past. Dental technology has found great ways to improve the experience of wearing braces. Today’s braces include a combination of small square brackets attached to the teeth. The wires that connect the brackets are installed in such a way that it can move teeth to the place where it should be growing. There are also other options when brackets become clear or nearly invisible. Adults who don’t feel comfortable wearing braces may opt for such treatment instead.

While most dental brackets are attached in front of the teeth, you may ask your dentist if it were possible for the brackets to be moved behind the teeth instead. Although this is possible, it is still essential that you seek advice from your dentist. Their professional opinion will help you decide which is the better option for you.

Are dental braces just for kids? The answer depends on what your dentist will recommend. Don’t be too hasty to generalize the idea. If you need it, the dentist will recommend it.