The Complete Guide to Professional Teeth Whitening

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the complete guide to professional teeth whitening

You’re not sure how, exactly. Maybe it was the Coca-Cola, coffee, curries, or the pomegranate juice. Or maybe the medication you took as a kid or that serious infection was treated with successful root canal surgery. Maybe it was smoking. (Spoiler alert — it was all of the above, especially the smoking.) One way or another, your teeth have gotten dingy, dull, and — egads — yellow, even.

If the colour of your teeth makes you reluctant to smile broadly or freely, or if you want to restore the former glory of your teeth for a special occasion or just because you have options for teeth whitening that far surpass any DIY kit you might purchase at a drugstore. Teeth whitening in Edmonton is performed safely, quickly, and comfortably in dentist offices with all the materials and equipment necessary to target your particular needs and achieve your desired goals. Exactly how do teeth whitening in  Edmonton happen?

Teeth Whitening at Our Dentist in Edmonton is Accomplished in Five Steps:

Step One — Assessing Your Teeth

One of the biggest advantages of professional teeth whitening over DIY kits is that you can consult with a professional dentist.Our dentist near you understands that not all stains are affected by teeth whitening and that some stains need extra attention. For example, if your teeth are stained due to trauma or the side effects of medication, money spent on teeth whitening will be wasted and return nothing but disappointment. In those cases, our dentist can offer alternative solutions for your cosmetic dentistry goals.

This assessment process is also an opportunity to discuss any particular tooth sensitivity issues or other experiences the dentist can consider when tailoring their bleaching compounds to your particular stains and needs.

Step Two — Colour Detection

Our dentist will use a shade guide to determine, then record, the current colour of your teeth. The teeth aren’t white, but all on a spectrum with yellowish and grey tones. You may be surprised to realize just how not white your teeth are and even how not white they’ll be after the whitening process is complete. By determining and recording the colour of your teeth at the start, our dentist in Edmonton will be able to determine how much progress was made and what adjustments are necessary to achieve the best results.

Step Three — Removing Plaque

Plaque is a biofilm that accumulates on your teeth. If left on your teeth throughout the whitening process, it will interfere with the interaction between the whitening compounds and the stains on your enamel. Our dentist and their staff will remove all plaque from your teeth to ensure the best results.

Step Four — Drying Your Teeth

The best whitening results are achieved when your teeth are as dry as possible. To ensure those good results, our dentist will dry your teeth and use rubber barriers between your gums, lips, and tongue to keep your teeth as dry as possible. Those same barriers prevent the whitening compounds from contacting your tongue and gums to avoid irritation.

Step Five — Whitening

During a 60 to 90-minute appointment, your teeth will be whitened by six or eight shades. Your teeth will be covered with a hydrogen peroxide-rich compound which will dissolve stains on your teeth. The teeth are then exposed to laser light to activate and accelerate bleaching. With your commitment to excellent oral hygiene habits and avoiding classic teeth-staining foods, drinks, and behaviours, they’ll stay whiter for as long as a year.
Whiter and brighter teeth in Edmonton are as easy as that. If you’re ready to say goodbye to the stains on your teeth and to learn how to keep them away, contact our dental office near you  to schedule your professional teeth cleaning.