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Three Most Common Causes of Tooth Pain

When was the last time you had to nurse an aching tooth? Did you know that a toothache is one of the most common dental problems that people deal with? In fact, it is the only sign that brings people to the doorstep of their trusted dentist in Edmonton the next morning. The pain can become unbearable that patients want to get rid of what could be causing the pain. Most of the time, tooth extraction is the only solution people could think of, but not their dentists.

Fever, headache, and swelling – these are three of the most common signs of a tooth problem. If you experience tooth pain and it is one that lasted the whole day, then it is best to see your dentist immediately.

Why do people suffer from Toothaches?

Every person who suffers from a toothache has his reasons. And most of the time, the cause of the tooth pain is also the key to determining the proper treatment for it. To feed your curiosity, here are the top reasons why people suffer from an unbearable toothache:

  • Orthodontic Treatments such as the wearing of braces, aligners, retainers and the like could cause a bit of tooth pain. These dental devices are often associated with tooth pain mainly because they are made to help move the teeth to where it should be growing. The pressure that it puts on the tooth to make it move can cause pain. However, such type of pain is temporary and usually subsides after a few days.
  • Teeth grinding or otherwise known as bruxism is another common reason why people can suffer from tooth pain. It can also result in sore jaw bones and muscles and cracked teeth that could all eventually lead to unbearable pain.
  • Sensitivity to temperature can lead to unwanted tooth pain. When you feel that tinge of pain the moment, you eat something hot or drink something that’s too cold. The sensitivity should be a good sign that you need to see your dentist immediately. All fractured or chipped off teeth could be dealt with and remedied. Avoid any chance of it worsening.

If you are suffering from a toothache or have experienced any of those symptoms mentioned above, it is time for you to make a quick call to your trusted Edmonton Dentist. They can help you get to the root of the problem and put an end to your pain.