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Tips To Keep Your Breath Fresh

Are you suffering from bad breath syndrome? Dentists also refer to such condition as halitosis. However, not all bad breath problems can be considered as a full-blown halitosis condition. Sometimes, people suffer from temporary bad breath problems because of the food they ate. Some also suffer from bad breath as a side effect of their medical condition.

But what can you do to help deal with your bad breath? Here are some tips from the experts in dental health care in Edmonton: 

  • Brush your Teeth More Often.

Although most dentists would only recommend brushing twice a day, those who are suffering from bad breath should brush more often. After brushing it is essential to floss as well. Flossing helps get rid of the food particles that may be stuck between the teeth. These food particles feed the bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath. If you are concerned that your breath may not be as fresh, then brush and floss more often during the day.

  • Use Mouthwash Too.

Brushing and flossing help ensure that the teeth are clean, but adding the gargling of the mouthwash should help keep the breath fresh. The fresh, minty taste that it leaves your mouth can make you feel even more confident. Remember to be careful in the mouthwash that you choose to use. There are a lot of options in the market, but only a few can truly deliver. Ask your dentist for recommendations. They might have a brand they’d prefer you to use.

  • Brush the Tongue Too.

This idea may be new to some, but it is one of the best ways to keep the bacteria in the mouth to a minimum. The coating that protects the tongue usually becomes a host to a lot of bacteria. To get rid of the bacteria that causes the foul smell in your mouth, scrape them out with the back of your toothbrush. There are also tongue scrapers you can buy in the market. 

  • Stop yourself from Eating Foods that Cause Bad Breath.

Onions and garlic are the first on the list to avoid. The substances that cause bad breath always have a way of getting into your bloodstream and even travel to your lungs. What’s the best way to stop bad breath, then? It is best to avoid consuming them or at least not before you see your friends.

However, if you continue to suffer from bad breath, it is best to consult your dentist. They will be able to help you get to the cause of the problem. From there, they can give recommendations on what you can do.