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Albany Dental strives to provide our patients with best, quality, comprehensive care and a firm commitment to overall dental wellness.


Our Commitment: The Albany Dental Team, based in Edmonton, focuses on a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to dental care. Oral health plays a significant role in general health, and our commitment to our patients is their overall health and well-being. The other goals of treatment are oral function and aesthetics.

We know that patients often have challenges and fears related to dental treatment; we make it a top priority to keep our patients comfortable and meet their personal needs in any way we can. It is possible to have the most apprehensive patient reach a point where they look forward to coming into our office for care.

Treatment recommendations are based on diagnosis and on the patient’s ultimate goals. Examination and treatment planning are fundamental and are part of a co-discovery process in our practice. As a team, we can better educate our patients to make informed decisions that will allow them to achieve good and maintainable oral health. There is always more than one treatment option, and there is no single solution that is best for every patient.

We invite you to experience comprehensive care in a comfortable and relaxed environment.


~Your Health, Your Smile, Our Commitment
from the Albany Dental Team~

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