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Periodontal Diseases: What Are Its Implications On Your Overall Health

Did you know that when it comes to your oral health, it is not just the teeth that matter? In fact, dentists believe that people with healthier gums are more likely to have healthier teeth. In truth, healthier gums make up a healthier you. The state of your overall health can be put at risk for a seemingly only gum problem that you left untreated.

Do your gums bleed whenever you brush your teeth? Do they look swollen or red? Are your gums sore? If your answer to any of these questions is a YES, then you have a budding gum problem that could put your overall health at significant risk for infection. These signs might seem like something that’s not a big deal, but like bad breath, all of which could point to one problem – infection in the gums

Gum disease or otherwise known are Periodontal diseases a severe oral health condition that could severely harm the gums that hold the teeth in place and bone supporting the teeth. It can affect one tooth, or it could cause infection to many. Like any other infection that is left untreated, periodontal disease can cause you serious health issues. More than the tooth loss, here is a list of health conditions you could suffer from if you keep that gum problem untreated:

  • Heart Attack – those who are suffering from gum disease are more likely to suffer from a heart attack. The infection could go down to the veins that could cause possible heart blockage.
  • Stroke – men who have untreated gum disease are more at risk to suffering from ischemic stroke.
  • Diabetes – this lifestyle disease can be controlled. With proper diet, regular exercise and a healthy set of teeth and gums should help manage diabetes. In fact, having a gum problem despite efforts to take care of the teeth and gums is a sign that you may have diabetes.
  • Pancreatic Cancer – did you know that men who have a history of gum disease have more than 50% chance of developing pancreatic cancer? This is one of those rare types of cancer that is difficult to catch early.Periodontal disease is a grave health concern that should not be taken lightly. With regular dental check-up and early detection treatment, nobody has to suffer from unwanted health problems due to an untreated gum problem. There are many ways to treat periodontal diseases, so ask your dentist about it.