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Top Three Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry Edmonton is a method of providing professional dental care to improve the appearance of the mouth, teeth, and gums. Although most cosmetic dental procedures are considered elective rather than essential like the other treatments, these can also be very helpful especially those seek such treatments for its restorative benefits.

The most typical of cosmetic dental procedures are fairly simple while there are others that are more complex and require a certain level of special care. Here are the top three cosmetic procedures that may be considered simple, but they bring about good results for those who wish to get their healthy bright smile back.

First are the inlays and outlays. These are also known as indirect fillings that are made from a dental laboratory. Dentist St. Albert usually recommends the use of such inlays when a patient is suffering from a mild case of tooth decay. This means that only a part of the tooth has been damaged and there are enough healthy tooth fillings to save. Provided that there is no damage to the outer covering of the tooth, the inlay is directly applied to the outer cover. However, if there is more damage, an outlay is used instead to cover the entire tooth from the outside.

Second is composite bonding. This is the procedure that most dentists recommend to patients who have discolored, damaged or decayed teeth. They use a material that resembled the natural color of the tooth enamel to make the teeth look like natural ones. The dentist takes out all the decayed part of the tooth, then applies the composite and shapes it like your natural tooth. The next step is to cure it using high-intensity light. Often called as bonding, this procedure adequately covers the damaged part of the tooth to make it look like brand new teeth. It’s one of the most popular types of cosmetic dental procedures because it is relatively cheaper than the others.

Lastly, there are dental veneers to turn to when wearing dentures isn’t the option for the patient. It is made from medical-grade ceramic. What is good about dental veneers is that each one is made specifically for a patient to make sure that it looks exactly like the healthy teeth that they have. They are exceptionally natural-looking and realistic that it can solve some cosmetic issues the patient may have. Whether it is crooked teeth, cracked or damaged enamel or merely a noticeable gap between the teeth, dental veneers are the best way to go.

Whether it is for aesthetics or functionality, these three cosmetic dental procedures can provide you the comfort that you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to ask any Edmonton dentists North East about possible repair options for your dental needs. They might have a lot of other dental procedures that could help you.